The coronavirus epidemic that now turned pandemic is the latest obstacle to hit global markets. This new breed of a virus is deadly as it is transmittable. Yet the virus not only has a take on financial markets but also affects the space exploration industry. 

Basing on previous news, the space industry was on a roll to deploy it’s new and improved crewless exploration vehicles. Among the most anticipated launches set to take place this year includes the Mars 2020 rover. Since the onset of the coronavirus, the industry is forced to a standstill owing to no interaction required. 

However, all is not lost. Spacebit, a not so recently emerged company based in London, is working on an innovative method that will open up functionality during this period. While industries are closing down, Spacebit plans to kick their operations into high gear by hiring more staff. Recent news shows that the company seeks to spread it’s launch operations across three continents. Among the posts Spacebit requires are engineers and assembly operators. 

Spacebit is an expansive company with firm bases in major cities, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Japan, the United States of America, and Germany. The company seeks to expand its staff by employing a new set of engineers. According to Spacebit founder, Pavlo Tanasyuk, the firm expects to hire 5-7 engineers in this expansion scheme. 

Pavlo Tanasyuk confirms that the move provides an edge above competition. While many companies scale down their workforce this season, Spacebit is confident that there is more to gain from this season. The company is Pavlo Tanasyuk’s brainchild, created in 2014. At that time, the founder was CEO of Monexy, an online transaction platform based in Eastern Europe. 

Spacebit has plans to remain functional for one and a half years through backing it will receive from Pavlo Tanasyuk, and private investor contribution. Till then, the company will focus on the remaining functional in this pandemic period. 

In the meantime, the company focuses on ensuring work continues despite the pandemic. Spacebit will change its rover assembly into two parts. It’s 1.3 kilogram rover named the Asagumo, will deploy in 2021 on Astrobotics lunar lander 

The company still faces obstacles in operations, including supply chains shortage for parts. However, to combat the problem, the company will outsource parts from different suppliers. 

Spacebit is among the elite space exploration companies that are coming up with innovative means to remain operational in the corona season. The company remains an example on creative decisions in hard situations