The spread of the coronavirus that causes the outbreak of COVID-19 diseases in the whole globe has affected India to pursue its dream and ambition. India space agency has responded to the epidemic by pausing the launch and pivoting resources to channel the amount in developing ventilators. The hand washes detergents, including the sanitizers, according to the information in the local reports.

The ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), which looks over the country launches and the missions of different spacecraft, has paused its activities. It includes its rocket for  Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle and the Chandrayaan-2 mission, which is currently rotating the moon orbit. The work for the next mission is at a stop and the moment. The agency has concentrated on helping the government with the ministry of health to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. S. Somanath, who is the head of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre agency informed the Times of India that they are manufacturing of ventilators and making of the sanitizers and hand wash soap that they will distribute o the citizens at no cost. 

AS on 30 March, the number of people who had contracted coronavirus in the Indian nation was 1000 according to the information available at Johns Hopkins University, which has a central data for all countries and conveyance in the world.

THE hand sanitizers are essential components that help to reduce the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 diseases. The ventilators are critical to the patients in the hospitals to help them recover from covid-19 when they are in critical condition.  The Unique type respirator that ISRO is dealing with has a simple to use by a person in the hospital. The ventilators will help to save life for most of the citizens who they have the coronavirus, according to the communication issued by ISRO. 

NASA is thinking to makes the same decision that will see most of the residence of the US have ventilators, according to Jim Bridenstine, who is NASA administrator.  On 25 March, during the virtual town hall, he said to him, and the other leaders of the agency in conjunction with other government departments and agencies are thinking about the contribution of NASA in this pandemic. The measures that NASA wants to take is to produce Ventilators including working with other manufacturers of the Ventilators, according to NASA official